ISOFIX stands for International Standards Organisation FIX. It has been designed to make the fitting of child seats into cars quick, simple and above all safe. After vigorous testing it was discovered that only around 30% of child seats are correctly fitted when secured using a standard seat belt where as 96% were fitted correctly using the ISOFIX system. All new cars built since February 2006 have been fitted with ISOFIX points and from 2011 all car manufacturers will be required to install these as standard during the building phase.

It is almost impossible for child seat manufacturers to create a seat which will fit into every single type of car as the shape of car seats and the length of seat belts vary dramatically across models. This can cause great difficulty when trying to fit a child seat and of course could lead to them being poorly fitted. Child seat manufacturers are also building ISOFIX fitting points into their child seats which will enable them to be securely plugged straight into the ISOFIX points in the car. ISOFIX is suitable for Group 0, 0+ and 1 child seats. Check the child seat manufacturers website to ensure their seats are compatible with your make of car.


The ISOFIX Bases featured on this site utilise the anchor points fitted in your car to easily and securely fit the Base to your car, this ensures a secure safe tight fit not 100% possible using an adult seat belt to secure a base, whilst allowing a simple click-on action for the actual baby seat.

Adult seat belts are not designed to secure child seats, ISOFIX anchors are.
Each baby seat manufacturer have their own ISOFIX Base which will be suitable for selected baby seats available in their range. Not all baby seats fit the ISOFIX Base so please ensure compatibility before purchasing a Base.

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